Monday, April 26, 2010

Steve-o Croteau

steves got another shout on the LRG blog peep it here


got a couple photos from the death of winter jam. once i get more ill post them up!

photos by jay smith from gnarbone bmx

Sunday, April 11, 2010


DAMN! thats what i got to say about this weekend. the SA crew chilled with wiz, seamus, cody, and andrew from eastern bikes. they all stayed at baymarspot, lets just say the night didnt end till bout 5 am, use your imagination what went down. the jam went realy good. thanks to bikers edge and eastern bikes for putting this on, it what we need around here. o yeah n i came home to martin building a bridge out of rocks so we can cross the river to sams since were all lazy when we get drunk.bahahahahha

ill have some photos of the jam up once i get them

the stoop is back in action

its been a cold winter but the stoop at baymar is back n poppin off. if the sharks arent in the streets you know where to find us

Easter Sunday

well instead of going to the familys houses n eating dinner i brought mom to the airport and me n my friend cory went to the casino instead

Saturday, April 3, 2010


been slacking a bit to much on this only because its been really nice out the past couple days the jam is only a week away. better see all of yall there to rep SHARK ATTACK