Sunday, February 28, 2010

A quick check in with Tom Lavorgna

Frame: 21" mutiny loosefer
Fork: primo kamikaze 2
Bars: odyssey lumberjack
Stem: premium sub10
Grips: odi longneck
Barends: fuckouttahere
Headset: kink
Seatpost: primo piv.
Seatpost Clamp: kink
Seat: primo fat piv.
Cranks: demolition 175
Sprocket: sprocky BALBOA
Chain: kmc
Front Tire: fly fat tire
Front Wheel: premium
Rear Tire: fly
Rear Wheel: idk some bullshitass halfass bitchass shit
Pegs: animal OG

Some question i had for Hawk

The Shark Attack crew is known for drunk nights and getting out of control. You think you can hang?
i think i been apart of enough drunk fucked up nights, i got this

Its 2010, whats the plans for clocking footy, anything specific?
everything to 180

Other than riding what are you down for?
whatever im down to do, goin for a flawless year

Whats your opinion on hang fives?(lol)
dont get me started with that faggot shit!

You ever planning on getting some ink slacker?
yeah holmes dont sleep on me n/h

What about cutting that hair of yours, shits long man.
gettin buzzed, you know

colt please

Whats up with the recent habit of the cig smoking, n breaking paint markers?
hahahaha just another day at the office man, and a reoccuring of bad habits

hippest of hop, weezy

Whats your opinion on not having four pegs n brakes?
cant look at a bike that dont have 4 pegs, looks incomplete. brakes? whats that!

your into grind trickery is that your fav thing bout riding?
for sure, its the only thing i know how to do

What about the scene?
fuck the scene, im all about the underground

TERVIS, first thing comes to mind n/h

Any shout outs?
shouts to the brothers in SA, all the kids at rockwell, anyone with a 40oz in their hands at the moment, anyone gettin their D wet at the moment, and to the kids that ride dirty n/h, DONT FORGET THE HATERS

check out his blog as much as mine

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coming soon

the brother over at has been working on the new Shark attack shirt heres a SMALL preveiw

Friday, February 26, 2010

Philly with the deadline crew

last summer i was able to go to philly with the deadline crew it was a fun trip
check them out at